Everest Hall
American, born 1974

Everest Hall fuses cultural references, old and new, in fetishistic and irreverent graphite drawings and oil paintings, combining “very accurate observational study with thoughts on metaphysics, memory, and history,” as he has said. Ranging from figures and still lifes to absurdist imagery and photorealistic urban landscapes, Hall draws from a wide range of source materials, including the symbols and motifs of the various belief systems represented by his immediate family—Hall’s mother is a Mayan priestess, his father a Sufi, and his grandparents founding members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses; elements of these divergent cultures come together in clashing tension in Hall’s work. A frequent motif is the use of ancient ritualistic objects and imagery, such as skulls, rattlesnakes, and candles, updated, reconfigured, and set against flat, often psychedelic backdrops or abstract forms. Hall is …

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