Falke Pisano
Dutch, born 1978
Selected exhibitions
Subtle Patterns of Capital,
Georg Kargl Fine Arts
Falke Pisano: The Value in Mathematics,
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Hollybush Gardens

Falke Pisano’s artistic practice is defined by its participation in the theoretical discourse surrounding contemporary art; she uses her work to explore connections between objects, abstraction, language, and performance. In the series “Figures of Speech” (2005-10), Pisano questioned the nature of language and its relationship to concrete things, using written texts, spoken words, and recorded statements and lectures interspersed with original monologues. Other works are grounded in modernist sculpture by Eduardo Chillida and others, using it as a basis from which to consider the boundaries of the physical and the abstract. Deeming the pieces “abstract concrete objects”, Pisano suggests that these sculptures exist because the creations, as objects, have a place “within language, within art, within ideas.”