Fiona Connor
New Zealander, born 1981
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Hopkinson Mossman at LISTE 2018,
Hopkinson Mossman
1301PE at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015,
1301PE at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014,

Fiona Connor thinks of her work as a constantly fluctuating response to the sites in which it’s exhibited. She is known for installing her pieces in a manner that draws attention to the space around them, intending to critically question the architectural and visual mechanisms that inform our interactions with art. In the past, Connor has filled a gallery with sculptural reproductions of its own walls, displayed in a museum an exact replica of its entrance stairs, or regularly rearranged an installation during the course of its exhibition. Connor has also utilized the contents and structures of other artists’ exhibitions as raw material for playing with the relationships between exhibition design, consumption, and perception.