Florian Baudrexel
German, born 1968
Selected exhibitions
CCA Andratx Kunsthalle
Florian Baudrexel – Gelächter von außen,
Kunstverein Reutlingen
Wo ist hier? #2: Raum und Gegenwart,
Kunstverein Reutlingen

Florian Baudrexel brings meticulous technical rigor to bear on delicate and mundane materials like cardboard. His wall reliefs, which recall maquette architectural models enlarged to much greater scale, take formal cues from Constructivism, with moving, arching grids and wing-like structures. They resemble Lee Bontecou’s assemblages, mobiles, and sculptures, and reflect the obsessive materialism of Richard Tuttle. Baudrexel’s interest in movement and spatial experience can be felt palpably in some of his larger installations, such as a 2012 project at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany.