Frederik Molenschot
Dutch, born 1981
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Carpenters Workshop Gallery at ZsONA MACO 2016,
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Carpenters Workshop Gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2013,
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Based in Amsterdam, designer Frederik Molenschot creates everything from small domestic products and furniture to large public spaces. His monumental lighting sculptures—cast from bronze and shaped by hand—look like futuristic cityscapes. Molenschot is best known for designs that account for a changing environment, like tiles that reveal hidden patterns when wet. A wall-hanging room divider made of colorful felt leaves can be personalized and rearranged. Molenschot’s practice at its core insists on acknowledging the importance of a work’s surroundings.