Gabriel Rico

Mexican, b. 1980

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Born in 1980 in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, Gabriel Rico now lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico. His work is characterized by the interrelation of seemingly disparate objects. Self-proclaimed “ontologist with a heuristic methodology,” Gabriel Rico pairs found, collected, and manufactured materials to create sculptures that invite viewers to reflect on the relationship between humans and our natural environment. Rico frequently uses neon, taxidermy, ceramics, branches and more personal pieces of his past to create an equation or formulation. His works achieve a precise geometry despite the organic, roughly hewn character of their materials. His installations ironically and poetically combine natural and unnatural forms, insisting on a necessary contemplation on their asymmetry as well as our own cultural and political flaws.

Gabriel Rico studied architecture earning his BA from ITESO in 2004 and received the ASU Art Museum & CALA Alliance award in 2017. He has exhibited at multiple museums and galleries including Perrotin in Seoul, South Korea, 2019; The Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, 2019; Perrotin in New York, 2017; The Power Station in Dallas, Texas, 2017; ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, 2017; and Gyeonggi Creation Center in Ansan-do, South Korea, 2016. His work is included in the 58th International Venice Biennale.

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