Gareth Mason
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Unruly Behavior,
Jason Jacques Gallery
Gareth Mason: More is More,
Jason Jacques Gallery
Gareth Mason: Other Forces,
Jason Jacques Gallery

“The best art,” Gareth Mason has said, “irrespective of the discipline, is felt first and reasoned later.” As one of Britain’s most individual ceramists, Mason strives to reveal the mysteries of creation and the humanity of the artist himself. He is known for his ceramic jars, which are constructed through an unconventional and improvisational approach; in a metamorphic process that often spans several years, Mason’s hand-thrown jars undergo multiple firings, glazings, and the addition of various materials (scraps such as gravel from the Victorian slate industry or waste scavenged from the Thames River). The resulting work—avant-garde forms likened to small cosmic explosions—are unrivaled in their richness of color, texture, and density.