Garry Fabian Miller
British, born 1957
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Jacob's Ladder,
Ingleby Gallery
"Seeing Believing" - a special Frieze week installation of works by Garry Fabian Miller,
HackelBury Fine Art
Winter Contemporary,
HackelBury Fine Art

Best known for the camera-less photographs that have been his primary output since the 1980s, Garry Fabian Miller shot landscape photography in his early work, capturing the subtle tonal variations of blues and greys in his series “Sea Horizons of England,” which he took from a fixed point overlooking the Severn Estuary in England. Since developing his camera-less practice, he has drawn on antiquated photography techniques, producing abstract images in the darkroom by shining light through colored glass vessels and over cut-paper shapes to create forms. Often consisting of two contrasting colors in concentric rectangles or divided horizontally, Miller’s photographs radiate light. His circular forms, such as the vibrant red one in Becoming Magma I, June 2004, evoke planetary or cosmic bodies. “The pictures I make are of something as yet unseen, which may only exist on the paper surface, …

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