Geert Goiris
Belgian, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
Art Concept at Art Basel 2016,
Art Concept
Plot Twist,
Art Concept
Geert Goiris - Flashbulb Memories, Ash Grey Prophecies,
Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

Photographer Geert Goiris is best known for his surreal images of distant landscapes and decaying or idiosyncratic architecture. Forests in Finland, the Salt Flats in Utah, and the Antarctic desert all appear in his haunting images, which convey a sense of wonder, isolation, and timelessness. “The distance I put between myself and some of the subjects could be almost extraterrestrial,” Goiris explains, “[I’m] like a visitor from out of space, seeing the world for the first time.” Goiris considers his work in direct opposition to that of the Dusseldorf School, whose obsessive focus on formal rigidity he finds dishonest and limiting. For him, photography is a romantic pursuit, ripe with opportunity for fiction and storytelling, and he selects his strange, out-of-place architectural subjects and otherworldly landscapes accordingly.