Geng Jianyi
Chinese, born 1962
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Art Patrons 艺术赞助人,
Qiao Space
ShanghART Gallery,

A principal member of the ’85 New Wave movement, Geng Jianyi’s work examines the relationship between the individual and the collective. In his 2001 “Face” series, for example, Geng used photosensitive paper to create ghostly portraits composed of the bare minimum of forms necessary to distinguish one face from another, referencing the tension between existence and dissolution. Geng has also collaborated with fellow Chinese artist Zhang Peili, with whom he founded the Pond Society group and created a number of performances and video works. In recent years, Geng has focused on oil painting, installations, and photography, often returning to the themes of individuality and alienation.

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