Gerard Byrne
Irish, born 1969
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Collected by a major museum
Selected exhibitions
After Finitude,
Galerie Nordenhake
CYCLE 1: GERARD BYRNE: Around that time,
PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art
CYCLE 1: GERARD BYRNE: Just before that,
PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art

Gerard Byrne's multimedia works explore contemporary culture through the filter of the past, drawing from diverse art-historical and popular-media sources. In the video installation 1984 and Beyond (2005-2007), Byrne re-created a 1963 Playboy round-table discussion on the future, subbing 12 Dutch actors of varying competence for the 12 original science fiction writers. He has also re-staged a seminal 1964 radio interview with Minimalist artists such as Donald Judd and Frank Stella (A Thing Is A Hole In A Thing It Is Not, 2010).