Gianni Piacentino
Italian, born 1945
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Fondazione Prada
Gianni Piacentino,
Giacomo Guidi Arte Contemporanea
Calzolari - Piacentino - Zorio,
Galleria de' Foscherari

Gianni Piacentino began constructing angular, metallic sculptures in the 1960s. Although his works bear a visual affinity to minimalist art, the sculptures are inspired by the artist’s interest in speed and industrial design. Piacentino was originally part of the Arte Povera movement, but he broke from the group in 1967 and turned towards what he calls “the aesthetics of technology.” His metal sculptures feature sharp lines and sleek finishes, resembling prototypes or designs for machines such as cars, bikes, and flying devices. The sculptural forms are vehicles for matte and metallic colors, and are evocative of 1960s automobile design, which used color and line to convey speed and motion.