Gideon Kiefer
Belgian, born 1970
Selected exhibitions
Art On Paper the Brussels Drawing Fair / 25 artists solo shows in collaboration with BOZAR,
Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR)
Goodbye Pourbus, Hello Leopold!,
Geukens & De Vil
Wish You Were Here,
Ana Cristea Gallery

Gideon Kiefer’s drawings are adaptations of appropriated images from daily life and literature chosen for their ability to convey the absurdity of existence. A recent series depicts doctors, scientists, businessmen, and other “powerful” people, but despite the grids and right angles that suggest order, a sense of powerlessness pervades. For instance, in The Trummerfeld Check Up (2012) a scientist sporting a white lab coat over his suit examines a large, rectangular slab with a stethoscope while two others look on. Executed in a realist style on a book cover, the bizarre scene recalls the anxiety-ridden moment of waiting for medical test results. Currently, Kiefer is working on a project inspired by Google street view that reflects the feeling of 360-degree vision. He conjures the images by imagining a person inside a sphere looking at the surrounding landscape.

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