Graham Durward
British, born 1966
Exalted Position,
Peter Blum Gallery

Graham Durward paints sensuous oil paintings in muted tones that depict a broad range of subjects, from semi-abstract renderings of burning incense to male portraits and reworkings of iconic Edvard Munch paintings. Durward says of his gray-scale paintings of curling incense smoke that they are concerned with ideas of immateriality and the sacred: “Each image alludes to the unseen, a part of the world with its own ambience, I think about my work in analytically poetic terms. All the themes relate to some kind of solitude wrapped up somewhere inside desire.” His scenes of nude or semi-nude men, on the other hand, often depicted with their faces blurred or obscured—such as Untitled (Man With Fruit) (2007), in which an alluring male nude with a whited out visage stands holding a pomegranate, a symbol of desire and faith—are based on images found on the internet and photographs of hired …

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