Gregory de la Haba
American, born 1969
Selected exhibitions
Amstel Gallery at Art New York 2017,
Amstel Gallery
Shades of Black and Natalie White - Gregory de la Haba,
Amstel Gallery
Amstel Gallery at Art Southampton 2014,
Amstel Gallery

Gregory de la Haba reinterprets neoclassical themes through paintings that explore contemporary notions of masculinity. The artist introduces erotic themes into historical genres, such as equestrian painting and court-style portraiture. In his installation Equus Maximus, de la Haba extends his paintings into three dimensions, depicting horses with exaggerated genitalia on the verge of intercourse. “I love paintings that are powerful, provoking,” de la Haba has said. “I know what I like to see and what I like to paint.” Although his paintings tackle historical themes, de la Haba’s work is as much a consequence of his personal engagement with horse-racing, gambling, and his interest in embodiments of masculinity.

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