Gregory Edwards
American, born 1981
Cynthia Daignault: There is Nothing I could Say That I Haven't Thought Before,
The FLAG Art Foundation

New York-based artist Gregory Edwards’ patterned canvases confront their viewers with everyday configurations. Interested in motifs that are so ubiquitous we often ignore them, Edwards highlights ordinary aesthetics from leopard prints to horizontally ribbed window-blinds. His window-blind canvases, such as Interior Blinds 3 (2011), are composed of rows of colorful, highly gestural horizontal brushstrokes, punctuated by white lines that reference slants of light. He describes his chosen subject matter as “motifs [that] have moved beyond cliché. They exist somewhere between the generic and the classic. Their universal aesthetics can span over all cultures, classes and genders now, but each specific example, with a simple choice of color, tone or material can reveal a great deal about us.”

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