Gu Dexin
Chinese, born 1962
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.

A pioneer of contemporary Chinese art, Gu Dexin is best known for his subversive installations that explore the concepts of decay and permanence. Since the 1980s, Gu has rejected the exploration of China’s socialist legacy that preoccupies many of his contemporaries, instead filling galleries with fruit or meat, which he would allow to rot in the gallery space. For other works he installs arrangements of mass-produced plastic, as in the toy automobiles of 2004.05.09 (2004), its title reflective of his insistence to not impose meaning on to his works. Gu’s artistic output is extremely varied—he began his career producing surrealistic, figurative paintings, and in recent years has turned to animation and a quieter, less graphic mode of installation, exemplified by 2009-05-02 (2009), a peaceful, cemetery-like piece accompanied by accusatory texts like “WE KILLED HUMANS.” Gu ended his …

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