Guy Limone
French, born 1958
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.

From afar, Guy Limone’s paintings, sculptures, and installations read as minimalist and monochromatic; up close, they reveal an artistic practice centered on obsessions—with demographics and statistics, color and categorization, and miniatures. Taking as his launch point such arbitrary statistics as “160 out of 1000 Americans own a passport,” or “18.8% of Greeks are obese,” Limone crafts 3D infographics that visualize this data, usually through the use of tiny, handpainted plastic figurines, strung together or arranged in intricate tabletop tableaux; in his 1996 installation 67,857 inhabitants per sq. mile, he visualized the average share of Manhattan’s land for each of its inhabitants. Working as a taxonomist as much as an artist, Limone also crafts monochromatic collages that mix images of famous artworks with fragments from mass media—asserting an aesthetic order on a world that is …

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