Hans Sieverding

German, b. 1937


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Hans Sieverding was born in 1937 in Oldenburg, Germany. Since 1997 he has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Sieverding is a member of the West German Association of Artists and the Darmstadt Secession. He currently lives and works in Odenwald.

“Sieverding does not present the beholder with any homogeneous, clearly structured, one- dimensional world. Instead, he juxtaposes signs and realities, and spins veritable webs of pictorial content by means of over-painting, layering and superimposition. The literally multi-leveled picture planes are invariably abounding and often reveal wildly rampant landscapes, overflowing scenes to combine various levels of reality and artistic methods of portrayal in a single picture…The beholder follows the play with the various pictorial elements and begins to observe the process by which the figures are no longer to be reduced to any single contours but rather pictorially circumscribed in a plurality of variations… The artist continually includes the beholder in creating his layers and thus, by means of his artistic play, stages a permanent changing of perspectives.” Excerpt by Dr. Peter Joch, Director of Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

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