Håvard Homstvedt
Norwegian, born 1976
Selected exhibitions
Kunstverket Galleri at London Original Print Fair 2018,
Kunstverket Galleri
Håvard Homstvedt,
Kunstverket Galleri
Highlight Gallery at FOG Design+Art,
Highlight Gallery

Though representational, Håvard Homstvedt’s paintings and sculptures draw particular attention to texture and surface through the use of textile-inspired patterns. “I like textures and the feel of handicrafts—the imprint, or weave, if you can put it this way,” he has said. “Often a kind of textile texture is present.” From Homstvedt’s patterns, illusionistic yet ambiguous spaces and scenes emerge. In Wall (2006), a strange creature moves through a universe of stripes; in Tarp (2005), figures composed from various patterns—lace, crinkly gold, muted stripes—struggle under the weight of a coffin.