Heather Chontos

American, b. 1978


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As a painter, Heather Chontos focuses her studio practice on the ambiguity and unique beauty of abstract expressionism, creating artwork that explores compositions of invisible light, like a secret language only spoken through her various mediums, color palettes, forms and marks. She focuses on gestures, connecting color and form through relentless movements and mark making. These forms are interpretations of her surrounding environment, delicate details, vulnerable landscapes and moments of light. Through these works she inspires an intimate dialogue with the viewer and her deep emotional connection to her impulsive mark making. She is driven by an intuition that guides each gesture, building the complex movement between layers of her work.

Chontos does not use traditional applications of paint with brushes or other implements; rather she uses scraps of plastic, such as manipulated plastic such as hotel room key cards. These chosen painting tools have the perfect flexible edge that allows a direct impact on the materials at hand, allowing a great amount of saturation for the penetrative marks and fields of color. She is also able to draw long lengths of lines with these fine edges, allowing the most direct involvement of her hand. In her desire to demonstrates layer after layer, Chontos uses a variety of materials integrated into her pieces with use of extra canvas, or paper stitched onto the surface, or sections of paper incorporated with layers of paint and glue, appear suddenly in what appears to be a flat section the ground. These different materials allow for different levels of color and saturation of the medium.

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