Henry Hussey
British, born 1990
Selected exhibitions
Henry Hussey 'You Can't Outrun This',
Henry Hussey - Reliquaries,
Coates & Scarry
Coates & Scarry

Henry Hussey works with appliqué, embroidery, digital printing, and silkscreening to create tapestry-like collaged textiles that address formative moments in his own life. Works like Grasping and Untitled 2, for example, incorporate embroidered and digitally printed details on carefully composed mixed textiles to address Hussey’s relationship with his grandfather and the fragmentation of memories. Inspired by religious sites and places of worship, Hussey works on a larger-than-life-sized scale to instill his works with a reverential, awe-inspiring quality and commanding presence. The use of vintage fabrics imbues Hussey’s artworks with both a physical and symbolic weight, weaving the history of previous owners and previous forms into his works to ultimately capture the emotive power of fabrics. The juxtaposition between contemporary, digitally printed and traditional, dyed or …

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