Henry Krokatsis
British, born 1965
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Household Faith,
Vigo Gallery
Vigo Gallery
Henry Krokatsis ' Kabin' @ Frieze Sculpture Park (S2),
Vigo Gallery

“I want to make objects that oscillate between the destitute and the divine,” says Henry Krokatsis, who works with a range of salvaged and fabricated materials—including variously shaped mirrors, old glass, smoke, candles, scraps of wood, and cast aluminum—to produce multivalent mixed-media sculptures, installations, works on paper, and public works. Through these, Krokatsis explores such themes as the relationship between humans and nature, belief systems, ritual, and the earthly and transcendent. In Leaded Light (2010), a tri-part wall composed of found glass pieces arranged in a geometric pattern, Krokatsis merges disparate associations—Minimalism, the utilitarian, and the three Western faith traditions—encouraging an alternative perspective on ideas of difference and interconnectedness.