Herb Jackson
American, born 1945
Claire Oliver at Dallas Art Fair 2013,
Claire Oliver
Herb Jackson: Veils,
Claire Oliver

Herb Jackson merges the resonance of classical painting with the energy of Abstract Expressionism in his richly colored and textured abstractions. Jackson’s compositions have an organic look—suggesting, perhaps, cross-sections of geological strata or the jagged interior of a cave—which reflects the natural, open-ended process by which they are made. Channeling the Abstract Expressionist mode of artistic creation, but in a more meditative, measured process, Jackson builds up layer upon layer of paint, scouring and gouging back through them to create nuanced textures and subtle interplays of form and color. “I don’t want to know what’s going to happen when I start out,” he says. “The wonder of it all is in the discovery; otherwise if I know in my mind what the painting is going to be then, in a sense, it’s done already and there’s no reason to work on it.”

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