Hisaji Hara
Japanese, born 1964
Galerie Alex Daniels - Reflex at Unseen Photo Fair,
Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam
Hisaji Hara - A Photographic Portrayal of the Paintings of Balthus,
Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam

“Light and shadow are everything to me,” Japanese photographer Hisaji Hara says. Using with a range of techniques, from labor-intensive albumen silver prints to modern digital technology, Hara invites viewers to travel between the realms of photography and painting. A recent series of black-and-white still lifes and languid portraits recreated the work of the painter Balthus, recasting the European painter’s scenes in an abandoned medical clinic. The misty compositions—created with the help of a smoke machine and multiple exposures on a large-format camera—are steeped in Japanese nostalgia, while exhibiting the timeless quality of film stills.