Howard Fonda
American, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
Thoughts From A Stolen Land,
The Dot Project
Everything and Nothing,
Mixed Greens
Howard Fonda,
Mixed Greens

Howard Fonda fills his canvases with colorful portraits, flowers, and a spattering of other figurative subjects, as well as ebullient abstract compositions derived from nature. He achieves a sense of immediacy through loose brushstrokes, which, as Michelle Grabner wrote, “serve as an abstract field, the artist privileging intuition over illustration and conveying transcendental philosophy without strictly picturing a divinely invested natural world.” Ever philosophical and introspective, Fonda expresses a romantic worldview through text-based paintings, such as an untitled work from 2011, composed of the words “endless, timeless, limitless, nothingness,” written in sprawling violet letters across a sky-blue background. His series of untitled works from 2012, as well as his largely autobiographical paintings and drawings from 2013, embody his conviction that, “the difference between …

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