Hu Jieming 胡介鸣
Chinese, born 1957
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
ShanghART at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2018,
Myth/History II: Shanghai Galaxy,
Yuz Museum

Timely adoption of new technologies earned Hu Jieming the reputation of being a pioneering Chinese digital media artist, and he is known for works that attempt to deconstruct time and layer historical and contemporary elements of Chinese culture. Among Hu’s best-known works is an installation that compresses a century of innovation and change into 1,100 minute-long videos, displayed simultaneously through cloth storage units. Equally acclaimed, his Raft of the Medusa (2002) appropriation work references Théodore’s Géricault’s eponymous 1819 painting of the aftermath of a historical shipwreck. In the composite photograph, a motley sampling of hedonistic youth seem oblivious to the peril they face on the raft, a metaphor for lack of sustainability of an excessively consumerist society. Through his work, Hu strives to reveal the interconnectedness of the digital universe, imagining, as he …

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