Hugo McCloud
American, born 1980
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Hugo McCloud: Metal Paintings,
Sean Kelly Gallery
Hugo McCloud: Veiled,
Sean Kelly Gallery
Hugo McCloud: Palindrome,
Sean Kelly Gallery

The New York-based artist Hugo McCloud is known for large-scale paintings in which he explores generally unaccepted notions of beauty. McCloud uses derelict construction materials, including common roofing metal, as canvases. Fusing together damaged, unaesthetic scraps of copper, oxidized steel plates, and heated black tar, McCloud then stamps the roofing metal with floral prints covered in heated pigment. The artist draws inspiration from images on Instagram, which he is “drawn to either because of the composition or colors or subject matter.” The resulting objects are textural creations that speak to McCloud’s background in industrial design.

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