Ignacio Uriarte
Spanish, born 1972
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Ignacio Uriarte: Divisions and Reflections,
i8 Gallery
Ignacio Uriarte – Form und Farbe / Analyse und Synthese,
Philipp von Rosen Galerie
Ignacio Uriarte: New Works,
i8 Gallery

Working in a tradition of conceptual, rule-based art, Ignacio Uriarte limits his materials to those readily available in a common office setting: Post-it notes, typewriters, A4 paper, and ballpoint pens, among other items. Based in Berlin, Uriarte works from varied artistic traditions that include the Fluxus and Oulipo movements and the work of Sol LeWitt. Inspired by his experience working full-time as a business administrator, Uriarte creates work whose repetitive gestures extrapolate the banal rhythms of office life into imaginative abstractions. For example, he may retrace a particular form in different colors of a ballpoint pen or arrange sheets of A4 paper printed with binary code into a grid. He has stated that his interest in office life is rooted in his desire “to stay in my own personal ‘petit-bourgeois’ reality in order to deal with it from the inside.”