Ilhwa Kim

South Korean, b. 1967


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Ilhwa Kim (b. 1967) creates three-dimensional macrocosms composed of tens of thousands of paper "seeds," each representing its own tiny microcosmic universe. Inspired by the Cheonhado, a seventeenth-century world map from the period of the Korean Chosun Dynasty, the wavy surfaces of Kim's Seed Universe and Space Sample series suggest topographic aerial views of a universe activated with energy. Each unique seed is formed through a process of hand dying thousands of hanji paper, which are then cut and rolled into layers, before being arranged in rhythmic patterns of vibrant colors. Kim's labor-intensive practice forms a personal bond between the artist and the individual seeds, imbuing each microcosmic unit with the mark of its creator.

Based in Seoul, Ilhwa Kim’s work has been exhibited at several notable galleries and venues, including the Saatchi Gallery (Lon- don), the Seoul Art Center (Seoul), Insa Art Center (Seoul), Dennos Museum (Michigan), and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul).

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