Ingrid Calame
American, born 1965
Collected by major museums
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
Selected exhibitions
Graphicstudio USF at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair 2018,
Graphicstudio USF
Color Consciousness,
Torrence Art Museum
STASH: Polly Apfelbaum, Ingrid Calame, Tara Donovan, Deborah Kass, Kate Shepherd, Jon-Phillip Sheridan and Austin Thomas,
Heiner Contemporary

Driven by her desire to “know the world,” Ingrid Calame has been tracing the marks on its surface, turning them into intricately patterned paintings, drawings, prints, and murals, for nearly 20 years. As she explains: “the idea was that the whole surface of the world is a potential drawing. I can’t trace the whole world, so I’m tracing a fragment. I’m interested in how impossible it is for us to represent something as huge as the world.” Her tracings have taken her across the globe, to places like Seoul, South Korea, where she transcribed a badly weathered one-way sign. In a meticulous process, Calame and her team trace in situ, then layer the tracings and fill in their marks with colored pencil and pigment, forming abstract patterns that are, in fact, exact representations of the places she records.