Israel Lund
American, born 1980
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Snarl of Twine,
Magenta Plains
David Lewis at UNTITLED, San Francisco 2017,
David Lewis
David Lewis at miart 2014,
David Lewis

Israel Lund produces paintings, prints, and zines that traffic in abstract imagery. For one series of untitled images, Lund used a truncated silkscreen process on raw canvas, cutting rectangles into his screen and manipulating it with a squeegee and acrylic paint to create pixelated images that look like blown-up photocopies. Lund has created numerous zines, such as Some, But Not All, of My Clothes, in which he pulled together a collection of Xeroxed images of his laundry. “I love images, but I also love the physicality of the container. That’s just as important to me,” he has said.

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