Jaakko Pallasvuo
Finnish, born 1987
Indelible Marks,
American Medium

Jaako Pallasvuo uses the web as an integral part of his practice, as a source of material, a subject, and a platform for actualizing his work. Since the age of 16, Pallasvuo has been uploading works into various Internet platforms, and accepts the lack of control over their circulation. He is particularly interested in the Tumblr culture and the meme phenomenon, as well as the relationship between identity and virtual self-representation. Other themes in his works include ethnographic and anthropological cinema, ’80s and ’90s culture, and what he calls “generational experiences”. Pallasvuo’s work does not confirm to a single style—he says that the would “gladly sacrifice cohesion if it means that I can explore larger fields of knowledge.” His recent influences include Joan Jonas, Sturtevant, Lee Lozano, and Alex Bag.