Jaber Al Azmeh
Syrian, born 1973
Jaber Al Azmeh: The Resurrection,
Green Art Gallery
Jaber Al Azmeh: Wounds,
Green Art Gallery

Jaber Al Azmeh’s photography career evolved in tandem with his activism during increasing political unrest in Syria, and gave him cause to flee to Qatar when violence came to a head. Al Azmeh, who began to work with photography in 1998, has developed five major bodies of work and a distinctive style of abstraction and symbolism. In “Traces” (2011), the artist expands on the mutual effects of humans, time, and objects upon one another, and considers the series a portrait of society through its detritus. “Wounds” (2012) is perhaps his most distinctive and fraught work: Al Azmeh used long and multiple exposures to re-stage the revolutionary sentiments or experiences of those in his social circle using silhouetted figures in red backgrounds. He had only finished the first two works before he was forced to leave Syria.