Jack Strange
British, born 1984
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Limoncello at MiArt 2015,
Ø 1985 - 6 international artists with the Ø-year of birth 1985,
Cultural Avenue

Conceptual artist Jack Strange plays with human perception and emotions, transforming everyday objects into surprisingly beautiful, subtly disturbing entities. In his sculptures, installations, videos, and photographs, Strange animates the inanimate. In Good Haircut/Bad Haircut (2011), for example, he topped two identical dirt mounds with an assortment of small flags and gave each mound a “mouth” made out of neon tubing, one upturned like a smile, the other downturned like a frown. For Distinguishing Feature (2008), Strange mounted a solitary clay cast of a human mole on an otherwise blank gallery wall, metaphorically transforming the latter into human skin; in the same exhibition, he showed g (2008), an installation consisting of a lead ball placed on a Mac computer’s “G” key, typing an unending stream of the letter. Strange’s eclectic practice is best explained as the realization of …

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