Jacob Hashimoto
American, born 1973
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Jacob Hashimoto: Deep In The Gravity Well,
Galerie Forsblom
Jacob Hashimoto: The Dark Isn't The Thing To Worry About,
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Superabundant Atomosphere,
Rice University Art Gallery

Jacob Hashimoto is best known for using traditional Japanese methods to create large-scale “tapestries” out of thousands of hand crafted paper and wood kites. While they are three-dimensional and can thus be described as sculptures, these works also invite associations with painting; the kites appear as abstract painted forms suspended in space. Hashimoto’s dynamic constructions also blur the line between abstract and figurative. A tapestry may resemble a landscape when glimpsed from afar, however that likeness disappears when the work is approached at a closer distance.