Jaki Irvine
Irish, born 1966
Collected by a major museum
Frith Street Gallery
Kerlin Gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013,
Kerlin Gallery

Jaki Irvine’s Super 8, 16mm film and video works are composed of fragments of everyday life and emotionally charged situations that she marshals into non-linear, elliptical narratives. Examining human interactions and relationships to the natural world and the built environment, Irvine creates absorbing, dream-like narratives in which image, narration, and musical score overlap, coalesce, and diverge, and in which the boundary between the real and the imagined becomes blurred. In works such as The Silver Bridge (2003), Irvine explores the relationship between humans and animals; shot in Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, and the Natural History Museum, the video installation features colonies of bats and the chatter of birds, contrasting with humans that appear alienated from one another. Irvine also produces photography, such as her series of images titled “Shot in Mexico On The Impossibility …

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