Jamie Bennett
American, born 1948
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Sienna Patti Contemporary at Collective Design 2017,
Sienna Patti Contemporary
Antonella Villanova at Design Miami/ Basel 2016,
Antonella Villanova
Jamie Bennett | Lumina,
Sienna Patti Contemporary

Best known for his innovations in contemporary jewelry design, Jamie Bennett also draws, paints, and sculpts. His delicate creations, fabricated in enamel, are ornamented with talismanic patterns from nature, such as leaves, fossils, and flowers. But Bennett often abstracts these images into a more pure geometry. Unlike traditional enamelists, who rely on internal wire scaffolding, Bennett uses electroformed shapes, which means his pieces are self-supporting. Bennett’s practice is as technical as it is creative, and it results in work that straddles the line between fine art and design.