Jane and Louise Wilson
British, born 1967
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
303 Gallery at Art Basel 2018,
303 Gallery
Jane & Louise Wilson: The Box,
Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Jane & Louise Wilson | False Positives and False Negatives,
Paradise Row

Young British Artists and identical twins Jane and Louise Wilson collaboratively explore sites rich with dark associations—ranging from former Nazi interrogation rooms to failed examples of modernist urban planning—in multi-screen video installations and photography. They are fascinated by altered states, paranoia, and lingering energy in unpeopled spaces. “A lot of our work has been about architectural, psychological sites where the sense of space and place feeds down into their own narratives, introducing a performative element in terms of a person or a persona[…]” Jane has said. Gamma (1999), for example, was a four-part video investigation of a decommissioned military base that housed missiles during the Cold War.