Jane LaFarge Hamill

American, b. 1981


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Jane Lafarge Hamill is a painter and virtual reality artist. After getting an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in figurative painting, she lived and worked in NYC for 10 years before moving to a farm in rural New Jersey. Hamill's work is abstract, displaying exuberant gestures of color and texture in an array of scale; her most recent paintings aim to pack large punches into small spaces. She has presented solo shows in NYC and Italy, and her work is in private and public collections internationally. Hamill is currently participating in the 2020 cohort at New Inc, the New Museum's incubator for creatives working at the intersection of art and technology.

My paintings investigate contemporary portraiture. While painting, I both remember and imagine interactions with people; from the real to the surreal, from the mundane to grand, with anyone from close friends to compelling historical figures; and render them with an emotional flash to establish all the pieces together in a gestural present. In my most recent paintings, the subjects are more fugitive; they’re fleeting figures whose aesthetic roots lie more closely to a brain scan than a traditional profile.

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