Jane Simpson
British, born 1965
Collected by a major museum

Using impermanent or variable materials such as ice, silicon rubber, and household objects, the sculptor Jane Simpson investigates transformative processes. Belle (Golden Age of Refrigeration) (2000) consists of a small refrigeration unit placed under a wooden table on which rests a lamp and stainless steel tray. Reminiscent of a still life, the characteristic assemblage references Giorgio Morandi, while challenging the idea of permanence and stasis with barely perceptible changes underway as the cooling process produces frost. Similarly, Simpson’s flaccid rubber castings of butter dishes, jugs, vases, and cups mimic the consistency of the soft or liquid materials they are designed to contain. According to the critic Louisa Buck, “like the participants in a tableau vivant they may be motionless, but hey can never be completely inert.”

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