Jeff Faust
American, born 1952
Selected exhibitions
Jeff Faust,
CODA Gallery
Bryn Craig, Pegan Brooke, Jeff Faust, Fabio Inverni, Jennifer Li, Martin Riveros Baxter, Carlos Catasse and Santiago Garcia,
Gallery Bergelli
Group Show,
Gallery Bergelli

Painter Jeff Faust’s compositions bridge a variety of styles and forms of what he calls “subtle surrealism.” The self-taught artist conjures the more lustrous qualities out of his oil paint in transporting visions of nature. His imagery, which incorporates motifs of avian life, flora, sea, and sky, upends any sense of realism as his objects seem to defy gravity and exist in unlikely juxtapositions—the result of the artist’s experience and imagination. “I think that I’ve trained my mind, and perhaps not intentionally, to…wander in various ways and be open to using what I see or think,” Faust has said. “A bowl can spark all sorts of ideas, many a painting has been done after picking up a stick.”