Jeff Mermelstein
American, born 1957
Selected exhibitions
Galerie Bene Taschen at Paris Photo 2017,
Galerie Bene Taschen
Galerie Bene Taschen at ART DÜSSELDORF 2017,
Galerie Bene Taschen
Galerie Bene Taschen

Jeff Mermelstein thinks of his photography as a cross between photojournalism and voyeuristic street photography. Mermelstein, who studied biology, makes photographic series that document and classify his subjects. For example, “Twirl” (2001-09) presents images of women Mermelstin encountered twirling their hair; “Run” (1995-2009) is a collection of near-portraits featuring strangers as they dash between destinations. With regards to these categorized suites of photographs, Mermelstein explains: “I generally do not have a theme when in the act of photographing. Themes emerge after the photographs begin to accumulate.” His constantly expanding list of influences includes Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Weegee, and Garry Winogrand.