João Castilho
Brazilian, born 1978
Selected exhibitions
Chão em Chamas,
Zipper Galeria
Porcelana e Vulcão,
Zipper Galeria
João Castilho | Caos-Mundo,
Zipper Galeria

João Castilho’s photographs and films capture natural and manmade places in such a way that they seem exaggerated and fantastical. His particular style, which combines historical themes with staged subjects in a landscape, has been characterized as as “Imaginary Documentary.” Castilho, however, describes his work as comprising of “a piece of a picture, a found picture, a kept picture, a forgotten picture, a hidden picture, a discarded picture, just a picture.” Though his subjects vary widely, certain themes recur in the artist’s work: the chaos and violence of contemporary life, the relationship between individuals and their surroundings, and dereliction. Castilho’s practice borrows from a range of sources, including Land Art and the writing of Franz Kafka.