João Louro
Portugese, born 1963
Selected exhibitions
Vera Cortês at ARCOlisboa 2018,
Vera Cortês
Christopher Grimes Gallery at ARCOlisboa 2018,
Christopher Grimes Gallery
Christopher Grimes Gallery

Continuing the legacy of conceptual art, João Louro investigates both the construction of images and how viewers relate to them in his films, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. The Lisbon-based artist, who was selected to represent Portugal at the 2015 Venice Biennale, studied architecture before becoming an artist. In his “Blind Image” series, he paints abstract images appropriated from films or photographs. The inclusion of text at the bottom of the frames and the use of reflective Plexiglas in their framing integrate the viewer and the viewer’s reading of the composition into the work, suggesting that images are made as much by being seen as they are by their maker.