Jodie Carey
British, born 1981
Selected exhibitions
Edel Assanti at Dallas Art Fair 2015,
Edel Assanti
Jodie Carey,
Edel Assanti
Bilder, die wir behalten / Elisabeth,
Neue Berliner Räume

In her sculptures and installations, Jodie Carey examines textures—especially those of ordinary, often disposable goods—as well as larger questions of materiality. In each of her time-based installations, she covers a site with materials such as ground bone, cigarette ashes, dust, or decaying flowers. Distinctly feminine yet unflinchingly macabre, her elegiac works invoke themes of memory, time, loss, and death. Several of her sculptural floral arrangements include bone and lace, as well as everyday detritus, conflating the ephemeral with the sacred. “The artist thus molds her work into being a visible sign for this undying mortality rather than shrouding its ubiquity,” critic Manuel Wischnewski once noted. “Through this approach, Carey renders the realm of the lost an invisible and intangible part of her work.”

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