Joep van Liefland
Dutch, born 1966
Selected exhibitions
An Homage to Hollis Benton,
Over the Influence
Joep van Liefland,
Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art
International Laundry 2,
Galerie Parisa Kind

Multimedia artist Joep van Liefland deconstructs existing media and recombines them into new, provocative visual forms, or “poetic de-reconstructions,” as he calls them. He is best known for his series of installations, “Video Palace” (2002-), held in both galleries and public locations (such as parking lots) worldwide. The installations are composed of paintings and videos in which the imagery is culled from a range of video footage, from horror films to pornography and promotional films to propaganda materials. Van Liefland’s practice centers on his notion of “media entropy”, the process by which media formats pass from everyday use to avant-garde commodities to obsolescence.

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