John Clang
Singaporean, born 1973
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Posers II,
Pékin Fine Arts
Still Moving: A Triple Bill on the Image,
Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
John Clang: (Re)Contextualizing My Mind,
Pékin Fine Arts

Photographer John Clang, also known as Ang Choon Leng, produces work with a strong autobiographical undertone, frequently around themes of loss and urban alienation. His subjects are most often his friends, family, and his immediate surroundings, his style most identifiable for its blurring or erasing of faces and figures. Clang’s series “Erasure” (2011) and “Remembering Strangers” (2010) are comprised of portraits in which the subject has been erased or cut away from the print; he also uses slicing and collage to articulate the passage of time in his photographs. In “Time” (2009), for example, Clang cut up multiple photographs of strangers taken at a single location in New York to create composite images populated with a fictitious density of people.