Jon Wyatt

British, b. 1975


Exploring growing rifts between local cultures and their surrounding landscape through photography, Jon Wyatt employs wonder and natural beauty to address national identity and land ownership. A self-taught photographer, Wyatt formerly worked for ski and snowboard travel companies and magazines, venturing to lesser-known mountains and developing a preference for wide landscape shots that minimized human presence. His “Huangshan” series addresses the fracture between China’s rich history and present-day reality: the Huangshan mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and historic source of inspiration for painters and artists, is partially owned by a tourist company and is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. In Wyatt’s black-and-white photographs, which show the influence of ink drawings, the clouds and mist obscure the mountain’s peaks, symbolizing the divide between nation and landscape while upholding the awe-inspiring majesty of the natural world.

Career Highlights
Articles Featuring Jon Wyatt
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Dec 14th, 2015
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