Jonathan Nesci
American, born 1981
Selected exhibitions
The Ashtray Show,
Fisher Parrish Gallery
The Paperweight Show,
Fisher Parrish Gallery
Tile Blush

Jonathan Nesci designs furniture with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. “I am informed by the work that has preceded me and aim to add a building block in the continually changing landscape of product and process,” he says. The founder of HALE, an industrial design company based in the American Midwest, Nesci produces (usually matte-finished) monochrome pieces in industrial materials like concrete and metal. He derives his simple forms—as in the pieces from his “The New” series—from the observation of banal everyday designs; for “Nine “Variations” he created a line of polished aluminum shelves, chairs, and tables from elemental geometric shapes. Nesci’s Library Bookcase, a minimalist, partitioned wall shelf, won Wallpaper’s annual design award.